Eirini Konstantinidou – EK productions, Quoxel

The Biggest thing that ever hit Broadway: Redux

Marcus Thompson – Hollywood Daze Motion Pictures

A Place to Stay

Marcus Thompson – Hollywood Daze Motion Pictures


Rita Gayle – Kuruji Ltd


Sussex Bridge Killing

Mike Sengelow – Sketch House Productions

Is it dead yet ?

Kelly Wenham – Pig Lit Productions

What’s wrong Jimmy ?

Louise Cousins – Red Bee Media


Louise Cousins Red Bee Media

Mums deserve flowers…

Krassimir Damianov – WCA Third Sector Media

Starry Eyed

Louise Cousins – Red Bee Media

A Game of Numbers

Kris Hofmann – NY Times opinion strand


Matt Bailey – Pig Lit Productions

Love Letters

Sue Whitting – Chelwood Films

Another Day

Eric Omani, Eugene Thomas – Cinematista, Lightfoot Pictures

Jooles Gravy

William Pavey – Fill in Later

Clever Feather

William Pavey – Fill in Later


Kris Hofmann – Royal College of Art

Lady Luck – part 4

So What – So What Productions


Eric Omani – Lightfoot Pictures LTD


Louise Cousins – Stonemotion Productions

All the Swallows

U. Axen, T. Eiving – Kojaorden


Lilly la Mia – Happy Pigs Productions


Athena Mandis – Mandrake Films


Sue Whitting – Chelwood Films


Robin King – Stand Alone Films

Spare Change

Eric Omani – SpyceTv

Ten Thousand Pictures of You

Robin King – Stand Alone Films

5 Card Stud

Robin King – Stand Alone Films

Soft Soft Soft

Javier Marchan – Splash Films

Racing Post

Dan Outram – Honey Productions

Headless & Footless

Javier Marchan – Faction Films


Hochschule Harz

Martha Gerber-Wagner – Soullution, Studio D4

#fairmachtschule Kampagne

Michael Jopp – Aktionsbündnis Fairer Handel Berlin


Koja – Hobby Films

Ciroc – Halo

Matt Bailey – Diageo

Earth Lovers – Bodyshop

U. Axen, T. Eiving – Koja

Marvel Crossovers

Richard Clement – Nickelodeon

How clean is your house ? – CIF

Dan Outram – Moon Productions

Bumps and Curves – Playstation 2

Dan Outram – Maverick Media

Stress at the office – Purdeys

Dan Outram – Maverick Media

Cruise – BSM

Dan Outram – Maverick Media

Benefit Fraud – COI

Simon Gargette – R.J. Phillips&Co


Wildlife Aid’s – Saving Harry

Kris Hofmann – Wildlife Aid

Chef Antoine Chilli Sauce

Nana Wilson – Kwadaa Foods

Dow Chemicals Campaign

Kris Hofmann – Greenwash Gold 2012

El Ego – iphone/ipad app

Kris Hofmann – Pelonio UK


Kris Hofmann – Granta Magazine

Russel Athletics

Charlie Clark – So What Productions

Dan Sutherland – Red Design


Dan Sutherland – MTV Network Europe

E4 Music

Andy Martin – Mr.&Mrs. Smith

How does it go? – Rough Trade

Dan Outram – Honey Productions


Wasted Space – The Oscillation

Antonio Curcetti – Fuzz Club

Loving From The Past – Kadija Kamara

Louise Cousins – Kamara Productions

We are Goose – We are Goose

Thomas Done – Mad Goose Productions

Easy – K-X-P

Koja – Koja

Superimposer – Oceansize

Dan Sutherland – Red Design

Thurso – Over The Wall

Dan Sutherland – Red Design

Silver Needle – 72 Evil

Martin Andersen – Andersen M Studio/Kathryn Ferguson

Reptilians – Popular Workshop

U. Axen, T. Eiving – Kojaorden

Harold T. Wilkins – Fanfarlo

K. Diersmann, D. Sutherland – Stachemou

Between the sheets – Cherri

Louise Cousins – Stonemotion Productions

Ride – Princess

Wayne Campbell – ShleppEntertainm./Ondaground Records

Fast Boy – The Bluetones

Gareth Mc Millan – Superior Quality Rec. Ltd.


Colibita – Künstlersymposium 2018

Ilka Leukefeld, Mirko Beutler – Landkreis Harz, Bistrita Našaud

MKH – Monat Kunst Halberstadt – Klimawechsel

Ilka Leukefeld – MKH, Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt

Our Young & The Forgotten

Krassimir Damianov – Westminster Cinematic Arts

A Day in the Life of Edward Watson

Nathalie Marie Curry – Royal Opera House

Fear & Loving

Mark Birbeck – Last Bus Ltd


Becoming Feininger – Film zur Ausstellung

Feininger Galerie Quedlinburg

Gusto – Ten to table

Wayne Campbell – On Broadcast Communications

London Mint – Queens Coin set

Wayne Campbell – On Broadcast Communications

Touch surgery app

Shahid Kamal – People Productions Ltd

Loneliness – campaign for Nationwide

Wayne Campbell – On Broadcast Communications

Humphrey & Munson Kitchens

Jade Gooch – Flux Pictures

Peace of Cake

Matt Bailey – Peaceofcakelondon


Charlie Clark – So What Productions

Toolroom Knights

Charlie Clark – So What Productions

Save your 20% – COI

Funktion Design/Oasis Television

Action Aid Promo



Conversations – Philosophische Spaziergänge

Theater – La Ricotta

Soll ich spielen? Soll ich scherzen?

Theater – Götz Lautenbach

High Rise Rubber – Fusion Festival 2018

Performance – High Rise Rubber

Swan Lake, Joo Janta, England’s apples, No tears for the creatures of the night

Performance – Ilka Leukefeld


Aktionsbündnis Fairer Handel Berlin

Humboldt Uni Berlin

Gleimhaus Halberstadt

Northcote Internet Ltd

Cue Media

Corporate Events

Red 14

On Broadcast

Braveman Media

Realise Consulting



95 – 98 London College of Printing and Distributive Trades [LCP]

BA [hons] Degree Film and Television

94 – 95 Kingsway College, London

Media Foundation

91 – 94 ZORA eV Halberstadt, Germany

Supervisor at video / photography workshop [community centre/youth club]